Rajon Rondo Won’t Invite Ray Allen To 2008 Celtics 10-Year Anniversary Party, Says Allen ‘Didn’t Bleed Green’

The 10-year anniversary of the Celtics’ 2008 championship is creeping up and the band is getting back together—sans Ray Allen.

According to a story from ESPN’s The Undefeated, Allen has been “estranged” from Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett since he left Boston for Miami in 2012. Rondo is putting together a celebration this summer at an “undisclosed foreign location” and every player from the roster got the invite, except Allen.

From The Undefeated:

“It will be a long story about that, but it is what it is,” Rondo, who plays for the Chicago Bulls, told The Undefeated. “I don’t know a good analogy to put this in. It just wasn’t the greatest separation. It wasn’t the greatest thing that could’ve happened to us as a team, a bond. We were at war with those guys [Miami]. To go with the enemy, that’s unheard-of in sports. Well, it’s not so unheard of. It’s damn near common now.

Rondo questioned Allen’s loyalty to the team and said that Ray “didn’t bleed green:”

“The mindset we had. The guys on our team. You wouldn’t do anything like that. It makes you question that series in the Finals … Who were you for? You didn’t bleed green. People think we had a messed-up relationship. It’s not the greatest. But it’s not just me. I called and reached out to a couple of other vets and asked them what they wanted to do with the situation. They told me to stick with what we got [without Allen].”

The decision to not extend an invite to Allen was not Rondo’s alone. According to Rajon he asked “a couple guys” what they think and got a “no” from each one of them:

“I asked a couple of the guys. I got a no, a no head shake,” said Rondo to The Undefeated when asked why Allen wasn’t invited.

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