Rajon Rondo Suspended Two Games for Throwing Ball at Ref

by February 21, 2012

Prior to the Boston Celtics’ loss in Dallas last night, Rajon Rondo learned that he’d been suspended two games for tossing a basketball at referee Sean Wright’s chest on Sunday night. Per the Boston Herald: “I am (disappointed) from the standpoint of the image of players in this league when you lose a guy,’ said the Celtics guard [Ray Allen]. ‘I didn’t even see it. I didn’t think it was out (of the ordinary), how he threw it to him. Just from the image point of view I hate to see stuff like that happen. We always talk about handling situations during games when it gets heated, and us being able to keep our cool.’ Said [head coach] Doc Rivers: ‘You’re always disappointed when that happens. You should never put yourself in front of the team. But the game is an emotional game. We can agree it was a pretty clear foul and a bad foul that wasn’t called. At the time we were getting our butts kicked and it’s a human game, and emotional game. I can guarantee you 35 seconds after it happened that Rondo wished he could take it back. That happens. He’s still young, and I hope we don’t forget that. We all do some messed up things in our lives, and unfortunately for Rondo, he does it in front of a lot of people and we don’t. That’s the big difference. We always tell our guys to think about the team if you can, but it’s hard. You could tell he lost his composure, because at halftime he was the one saying hey guys, let Doc work on the refs. You leave them alone. So clearly that (ball toss) was not intentional.'”