Rank the teams

By Sam Rubenstein

First, a few quick things to get out of the way: Baron Davis, welcome back to the trading blockRon Artest’s “little” brother is going to be playing in Germany Save Our Sonics held a meeting last night.

Okay, this is NBA quiet time. There are still some free agents looking for teams (Bonzi) and others that may have a team or maybe they don’t (Al Harrington), but it seems like for the most part things are quiet, so this is a good time to throw a new concept out there.

darth youMy main goal with the new SLAM website is to make sure that all of you feel as much a part of it as any of us who know the secret login password. In the past I’ve written my Dirty 30 column, which is pretty much a rip-off of the big sports sites power rankings with a better name. Thirty teams in the league, the title rhymes, and it’s an homage to the most slept on classic rap album of all-time, by Cru.

Annnnnnyways… I would like to hear everybody’s Top 30, whatever you want to call it. If you’re coming to this site on August 1st, I think that means you care somewhat about the NBA, and therefore you should have an opinion.

Rank the teams 1-30 in the comments. This is one of those rare times when I’m jealous of espn.com and their fancy sportsnation thing where you can do all of this with a simple drag of your mouse and it computes the average of thousands of people. I don’t know what I will do with these lists. Mostly I’m just curious as to what you all think.
Man, it’s a slow day.