Ray Allen: Celtics ‘Disloyal’ to Isaiah Thomas

by August 25, 2017

Fans like to rail about how players are supposedly disloyal to their teams, but as Ray Allen points out in the case of Boston shipping Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland, loyalty is a two-way street.

Allen left a comment on Caron Butler’s Instagram post, exposing the hypocrisy of some fans and media when it comes to trades and free agency.

“I immediately thought the same thing,” Allen wrote.


“Why is it that we are disloyal for going to a team we feel will be best for us but their is no outrage towards the teams that trade us. Fans kill us but when a team does it, it’s just business. Smh!!!


“I expect every Celtic fan to be p*ssed off at the organization because they showed that they were disloyal to Isaiah. They traded him to your rival!!!!! The team you guys played in the conference finals. Oh wait, now it’s just business!!!”

I.T. didn’t exactly disagree with these sentiments.

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