Ray Allen: No Egos on the Celtics

by May 07, 2010

No one believes Ray when he says this, of course, but so far, everyone seems content with letting Rajon Rondo run the show. Winning cures all, as the cliché goes. From the Boston Herald: “There is a consensus – growing with every brilliant performance – that Rajon Rondo is the Celtics’ best player. As for the Big Three, Paul Pierce remains the go-to guy in crunch time. Kevin Garnett is still the team’s leader. And then there’s Ray Allen. The player who made the biggest sacrifices when he arrived along with Garnett three years ago, all Allen has done is produce. Allen has been so consistent that he can become easy to overlook – except by those on the court … After a subpar performance in the opener against Miami, Allen has been steady. He’s averaging 19 points on 51.1 percent field goal shooting and 48 percent 3-point shooting in the playoffs. That Allen is in a groove at the same time the team is moving the ball well is no coincidence. Naturally much of the ball movement starts with the point guard. ‘With (Rondo) playing the way he is, it’s like they have to find a solution for him and they’re still worrying about what Kevin’s doing and what I’m doing and what Paul’s doing,’ Allen said. ‘When Rondo is doing good, it makes it easier on all of us.’ Allen isn’t concerned with who gets the credit. ‘As long as we win,’ Allen said. ‘When you celebrate a championship, you hug everybody the same.”’