Ray Allen Puts in Additional Free-Throw Work

by April 27, 2010

Allen’s shocking misses in Miami at the charity stripe during Game 4 forced Ray to put up some extra shots prior to tonight’s game. From the Boston Herald: “The missed free throws ate at Ray Allen so much he was tempted to head directly from the airport to the Celtics practice facility when the team touched down Sunday night. Instead, having been away from his family for four days, Allen elected to head home. But sure enough, he was here early yesterday getting up extra free throws as he tried to figure out how he missed three straight in the final 2:35 of Sunday’s 101-92 Game 4 loss to the Heat. Allen said he made 145-of-150 free throws yesterday during his stint in the shot laboratory. ‘It’s all a rhythm thing, timing, everything,’ Allen said. ‘I just wanted to get in here and just shoot and get a lot of free throws up. I hadn’t shot that many in a while. The other night I just had such a bad rhythm on it and I was trying to figure out where it came from.”’