Ray Allen Willing to Miss Entire Season for Players to Get Fair Labor Deal

by September 23, 2011

For Ray Allen — who has been outspoken throughout the lockout — playing the 2011-’12 season isn’t nearly as important as securing a fair deal for the future of NBA players. From the AP: “Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen says he’s ready to give up the season if necessary to the NBA lockout. Speaking Thursday before an appearance at the University of Connecticut, his alma mater, Allen said he doesn’t want to have to sit out a season this late in his career, but believes the issues are important to the future of the game. ‘Nobody wants to miss a year,’ he said. ‘But I’m prepared to do what the team needs me to do, what my players association, players union team, what they need me to do, because we want to make sure we get the right deal for us.’ Allen is entering what would be his 16th NBA season with 22,286 points, 24th in league history. Last season, he set the NBA record for 3-point field goals in a career with 2,612. He said he’s not considering retirement and has been working out with members of the UConn basketball team. ‘I always, typically, come up here in September anyway,’ he said. ‘But obviously, due to not being able to work out in my gym, this is my gym of choice. Being around the young guys, they push me physically and mentally,’ he added. ‘So, I look forward to being up here and trying to be up here as much as I can.'”