Ray Allen’s Shot is Broken

by May 29, 2012

Due to an ankle injury, Ray Allen can’t get the proper lift to knock down one of the prettiest jumpshots the NBA has ever seen. To make matters worse, Allen is also struggling from the free throw line. And this couldn’t be happening at a worst time for him and the Boston Celtics. From the Boston Herald and WEEI: “The Celtics have been holding a vigil for Ray Allen’s jump shot, with the hope that the hobbling guard can overcome right ankle pain to rediscover his stroke. Instead the veteran guard’s grip only seems to be slipping in the wake of his 1-for-7 performance from the field in last night’s 93-79 Game 1 loss to the Heat, which was exacerbated by a 3-for-7 free throw performance. It was the first time in Allen’s career that he missed four free throws in a playoff game. […] Ray Allen doesn’t miss free throws, and when he does he usually finds the flaw quickly and corrects it. But after missing four more against Miami in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, he’s now shooting 60 percent at the line this postseason. ‘It’s hard to say,’ Allen said. ‘I know I don’t have good timing right now. I know the shot feels fine. If it’s short I know I do have less lift on it. It’s just timing. It’s just rhythm. It’s just getting shots up. Trying to understand what I have, what my lift is. I just take it day by day and try to figure what I’m dealing with … I believe you guys know what I’m dealing with,’ Allen said. ‘There’s nothing really to talk about. It’s like a battle within myself that I have to try and win. It’s a daily situation that I have to deal with, and this is the time that I have to be out here and do what I can to try and help this team win. When the season’s over with I have to deal with whatever I have to deal with personally. You always talk, if it was the playoffs would you play? It’s the playoffs.'”