Raymond Felton Hoping Nuggets Face Thunder in the Playoffs

Raymond Felton’s coach wants to face the Mavs in the first round (and may now have had a change of heart); Raymond wants the Thunder. Make up your minds, fellas. From the Denver Post: “Hopefully we get Oklahoma City because I feel like we owe them,’ Felton said. The Nuggets dropped two games to the Thunder last week – a seven-point loss at home on April 5, and 15-point loss at Oklahoma City on April 8. Apparently the trash talking was in full swing, something that Felton will not forget. ‘Everybody (else) is pretty much whatever, whoever we’ll be ready to go, but I want them though,’ Felton said. ‘They were doing a little bit of trash talking, so I want them.’ Nuggets coach George Karl backed up Felton on the OKC trash-talking front. ‘There’s no question there’s a cockiness to Oklahoma City that we’re anxious to see if that’s what we’ve got to go through,’ Karl said.”