Raymond Felton Says He Doesn’t Need Help Guarding Derrick Rose

by October 31, 2013

Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose is dealing with a sore neck, but he’s still a handful and no one in the League can check him alone. Raymond Felton thinks he can, and will have a chance to test that theory in a nationally-televised showdown tonight. Per the NY Post: “With Raymond Felton’s hamstring a concern, (Mike) Woodson surely will want (Iman) Shumpert to guard Rose at times. Felton departed for the locker room after clutching his left hamstring when he landed badly in the second half (Wednesday night.) He later returned to the game. Felton admitted the hamstring could be a lingering issue. He missed two preseason games because of it. ‘It can be,’ Felton said. ‘Hopefully tomorrow it’s not that sore and doesn’t hinder me that much. I’ll be on the court. I’m a warrior. Hopefully it goes away,’ […] Felton took offense when asked if he may need help with Rose. ‘He puts his clothes on just like I put mine on,’ Felton said. ‘I’m looking forward to the game. I‘m not handicapped. I don’t need no help.'”