Reggie Miller Obtains a Restraining Order

by October 22, 2009

Reggie says he’s feeling threatened by the man who once accused him of trying to steal his girl: “Six-foot-seven NBA legend Reggie Miller is ‘fearing for his safety’ and has gotten a restraining order against Alex von Furstenberg, claiming the wealthy aristocrat tried to fight him and run his car off the road. ‘Knick Killer’ Miller, as the ex-Pacer was known, alleged he suffered ‘fear and distress’ when von Furstenberg confronted him Oct. 17 as he sat in his car outside a café in Malibu, yelling, ‘I will beat you down.’ Miller refused to fight von Furstenberg and drove off. But von Furstenberg followed him and ‘maneuvered his vehicle in front of me several times,’ pulling alongside and ‘hanging out of the window in a threatening manner,’ Miller claims.”