Report: Carmelo Anthony Recruiting Kevin Durant to New York

by September 04, 2015

According to professional television screamer Stephen A. Smith, Carmelo Anthony is heavily recruiting Kevin Durant to join him in Gotham in 2016-17.

Durant, who will hit the free agent market next summer, is reportedly giving the New York Knicks “consideration.”

And because the Durant rumor isn’t wild enough, Smith also adds that his sources claim there’s a possibility Kobe Bryant could leave Hollywood for NYC should the Los Angeles Lakers cut ties with him after his deal expires at the end of the 2015-16 campaign.

Per Complex (via PBT):

It’s a long shot. But on ESPN First Take (late last week), Stephen A. Smith suggested that it could happen. According to him, Carmelo has already started trying to recruit KD to come to New York City next summer when he becomes a free agent—and KD is reportedly considering it. Stephen A. also said that there are some NBA insiders who believe that, if the Lakers decide to part ways with Kobe after his current contract is up next summer, Kobe would also consider coming to NYC, especially if KD does.


“I know for a fact that Carmelo Anthony has been and will continue to recruit Kevin Durant until the cows come home,” Smith reported. “I’m also hearing that Kevin Durant is giving the New York Knicks consideration.”