Report: Celtics Discussed Blake Griffin Trade With Clippers

by February 21, 2017

The Boston Celtics and LA Clippers have reportedly discussed a Blake Griffin trade.

It is, however, a long shot that anything happens prior to Thursday’s trade deadline.

The C’s have plenty of assets, and their fanbase has grown restless about a big move.


The Thunder are no longer contending. (Kevin) Durant left, and he reportedly grew frustrated with Oklahoma City’s inability to land quality veterans.


Boston is at no risk of losing a player near Durant’s caliber, and if they simply keep their picks, they have a chance to be very good for a very long time. The status quo is the safest route. They won’t jeopardize it for a rental (Serge Ibaka) or a ball-dominant star who could ruin their culture (DeMarcus Cousins).


They have talked intermittently with the Clippers about Blake Griffin in recent weeks, per several league sources, but a deal is extremely unlikely. Griffin will be a free agent this summer, and Boston would probably need official permission to talk to him about his future — a concession Minnesota allowed Cleveland before the Kevin Love trade. The Clips would ask for a bounty, starting with Jae Crowder and one of the Avery Bradley/Marcus Smart duo, plus picks, per league sources.

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