Report: Chicago Bulls After Free Agent Ray Allen

by September 08, 2014

There are reportedly about a dozen suitors for free agent veteran guard Ray Allen, though he remains undecided on where to play next season (if he does play at all.)

The Chicago Bulls are said to have contacted the 39-year old Allen about possibly joining them. Per the team website:

The top contenders have been rumored to be the Cavaliers, where his latest championship teammate, LeBron James, returned, and the Los Angeles Clippers, where his title coach from Boston, Doc Rivers, has made a home.


Subsequently, there have been reports of the Washington Wizards and San Antonio Spurs expressing interest. The Bulls are believed to be among almost a dozen teams to have contacted Allen and his representatives.


In fact, it would be a surprise if just about every team other [than] the non-competitive 76ers have not contacted Allen, a savvy veteran who can make three pointers and likely will play for a veterans’ minimum.