Report: Derrick Rose Turned Down Bench Role With Lakers

by July 26, 2017

Derrick Rose and the Lakers flirted with one another this offsason, but in the end, Los Angeles could not sell D-Rose on accepting a bench role.

The 2011 MVP ultimately signed a one-year deal with the Cavs.

Rose, 28, says he’s coming to Cleveland with the single-minded goal of winning an NBA title.

Per the AP:

Rose is getting a one-year, $2.1 million deal — the veteran’s minimum, and all Cleveland could offer — from the Cavaliers, who now have a possible replacement for Kyrie Irving. Rose gives the Cavs a proven player to handle point-guard duties if they choose to trade Irving, who recently told the team he wants to be dealt despite making it to three straight NBA Finals.


And while Rose is taking a substantial pay cut (he made $21.3 million last season in New York), he’s focused on one thing.


“I have a single focus and purpose of wanting to play to win,” he said. “Being part of a roster and organization that shares that type of commitment and being able to play with the Cavaliers and compete for a championship is the only thing that matters for me. I am very happy to be in Cleveland and look forward to getting to work.”