Report: Joel Embiid Has Meniscus Tear In Left Knee

Sixers big man Joel Embiid has not played in a game since January 27 and has only played once in the past thirteen contests. Reports are now circulating that Embiid has a menisucs tear in his left knee and the tear was discovered in an MRI following the Sixers win over Portland on January 20.

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There is some thought that the torn meniscus could be a pre-existing condition which an ensuing MRI discovered, rather than caused by the fall on January 20th, although the two injuries being related has not been completely ruled out.


The tear is a low-grade tear and is not expected to require surgical intervention. It is unclear whether the tear is contributing to the soreness and swelling which has kept Embiid out of 11 of the last 12 games, including the last 8 in a row.


Embiid has been ruled out of tonight’s game against the Miami Heat, and there is a good chance he will remain out through the All-Star break, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Both Embiid and Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo confirmed the report to and the big man said that he’s “not able to play right now:”

“I’m not healthy,” Embiid said. “Got to take care of my knee, this bone bruise. It’s been on and off. Work out and then swells up a little but and then got to slow it down. Like I said, it’s all about patience. But no, I’m not healthy … I’m not able to play right now.”

The injury did not stop Embiid from taking the stage at the Meek Mill concert in Philly on Friday night.

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