Report: Knicks Want First Round Pick for Randolph

by Ryne Nelson

This Melo trade talk is heating up like it’s wrapped in flannel.

The Daily News is reporting that Anthony Randolph could be headed to Houston for a first round pick which could help land the Nuggets‘ star, who will play in New York tomorrow (or will he?) as the Knicks try to make it… EIGHT wins in a row?!

“Anthony Randolph’s value to the Knicks can’t be measured in points and rebounds. Instead, he could be the guy who gets them Carmelo Anthony.

“The Knicks have fielded calls from several Western Conference clubs regarding a deal for Randolph, according to a team source. The most compelling conversations have been with the Houston Rockets, who in one scenario would trade the Knicks the first-round pick they obtained in last year’s Tracy McGrady deal.

“Knicks president Donnie Walsh has admitted publicly that he regrets trading that pick and has been trying for two months to acquire a 2011 first-rounder. The pick is critical if the Knicks want to acquire Anthony, who is likely to be traded by the February deadline.”

AR is worth more than a first rounder, but you have to figure the Knicks will trade their seldom-used forward if it means landing Melo.

And remember, Michael Beasley was traded this summer for a second rounder. It’s possible.