Report: Lakers Didn’t ‘Woo’ LaMarcus Aldridge in Second Meeting

by July 03, 2015

After being granted an audience with coveted free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, by all counts, the Los Angeles Lakers redeemed themselves from a humiliating first attempt.

But, they didn’t necessarily get the big fella to change his mind about relocating to Hollywood.

It is shaping up to be yet another long, painful summer for Laker Nation.

Per the LA Times:

The Lakers requested and will receive a second meeting with free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, what they’re calling a “follow-up” to their unsuccessful sit-down with him when free agency began Tuesday night. […] Aldridge, the Lakers’ top target this summer, was unimpressed by the team’s initial pitch, wanting more talk about on-court projections and analytics and less discussion about branding possibilities in the city of Los Angeles.


Aldridge, 29, was dazzled by Houston’s pitch that was heavy on analytics and on-court projections. He’s not expected to sign with Houston, and he also was impressed by San Antonio’s presentation, which clearly outlined him as a future franchise cornerstone, along with Kawhi Leonard. […] The Phoenix Suns made a mark by agreeing to terms with center Tyson Chandler and then bringing him to their sit-down with Aldridge, who prefers to play power forward.


Before any meetings took place, Los Angeles was a co-favorite with San Antonio to woo Aldridge away from Portland.