Report: LeBron James Would Leave Cavs ‘if His Hand is Forced’

by December 30, 2014

The Cleveland Cavaliers (18-12) haven’t looked all that great of late, leading to speculation that head coach David Blatt’s job is potentially in jeopardy.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have both come out and denied rumors of a rift with their coach, but that hasn’t dimmed the noise.

James, who can re-enter free agency next summer, reportedly wouldn’t hesitate to break Cavs fans’ hearts once again by leaving if things don’t improve going forward.

Per the NOMG:

James has not and will not, throughout the course of the season, go to management seeking Blatt’s removal, a league source said. That level of authority is not in his job description.


There is immense pressure to keep The King happy. […] James, who turns 30 today, has no intention of compromising his prime years playing for a sputtering organization. He can opt out of his contract at the end of the season and become a free agent.


Given the massive scrutiny he would endure if he departed Cleveland a second time, if his hand is forced, I’m told he won’t hesitate to make the appropriate business decision if it means bolting.