Report: Markieff Morris Wants Out of Phoenix

by August 07, 2015

Apparently, the Morris Twins can’t flourish unless they’re living and working in the same city.

Markieff is said to be extremely unhappy with the Suns, and has reportedly cut off all communications with the Suns since his brother Marcus was dealt to Detroit this summer.

For some time now, it has been evident that these two knuckleheads had worn out their welcome in Arizona.

Per Arizona Sports 98.7 FM:

In April, Morris, along with his twin brother Marcus, were charged with felony aggravated assault. Police said the pair, along with three others, assaulted a man they believed sent an inappropriate text to the twins’ mother.


“I wouldn’t say stunning, but in Phoenix, I would say I didn’t have a great opportunity,” Morris told the Detroit Free-Press. “For them to trade me without consent or telling me was like a slap in the face, because of the contract I took from those guys and the money I took from them,” Morris told the paper.


A few weeks later, Marcus was back at it, referring to the Suns organization as “clowns” in a tweet directed at Phoenix guard Archie Goodwin.