Report: Mavs ‘Serious Contender’ to Sign Derrick Rose

by July 07, 2017

The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly a “serious contender” to ink free agent point guard Derrick Rose.

Well, maybe not.

The media in Dallas doesn’t seem convinced that the 28-year-old former MVP is Texas bound.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

A source said that the Mavericks are not in the market for Rose, even though they have had good success in the past with players coming off major injuries.


They already have a couple of veteran point guards to school youngsters Dennis Smith Jr. and Yogi Ferrell. J.J. Barea and Devin Harris will serve that purpose well.


It’s clear that the Mavericks are sticking to their game plan of getting younger and aiming for a couple years down the road to be serious about contending again. Rose simply doesn’t fit with that strategy.


Rose made $21.3 million last season and will be in line for a major salary cut this summer. There will be a market for him. It’s just not in Dallas.