Report: NBA Players to Earn $100K for Winning 2018 All-Star Game

by January 29, 2018

To incentivize its players to take the All-Star Game a bit more seriously this season, the NBA is reportedly offering $100,000 to each player on the winning side.

The losers will each get $25K.

This represents a $50K bump for the winning side from previous years.


“That’ll certainly make it more interesting,” Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said regarding the $100,000 winner’s prize. “That’s a huge difference.”


Some players have bonuses in their contracts tied to All-Star appearances, but that is independent of the boost the league is rewarding the All-Star Game winners.


“That’s significant. For some players, they just want to see [the game] being worth their time,” Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry told ESPN. “An idea I have is shortening the day. The entire game day is the biggest drag for us. Media [obligations], sponsorship appearances, [extravagant, prolonged] All-Star introductions. It’s obviously a made-for-TV event. After all that, then there’s the game. That’s a lot. But all the changes should help make the game a little better. It won’t be like [Saturday night against the Celtics], but it should be better.”

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