Report: Nerlens Noel Sued For Damaging Rental Home

by April 09, 2016

More bad news for the Sixers.

Nerlens Noel is being sued for allegedly damaging his rental home last year, according to a lawsuit acquired by TMZ.

The owners are asking for “more than $75,000” in the lawsuit, citing a preposterously long list of damages that include:

• $30,000 in damage to carpets

• Toilets filled with cotton balls and feces

• Extreme water damage throughout the home

• $4,000 in damage to the stove

• A broken elevator

• Marijuana throughout the house

What’s more, a tombstone with “RIP” written on it was placed on the front steps of the property after the lawsuit was sent.

More from TMZ:

The owners say they demanded $42,000 to repair the damage … but the DAY AFTER they sent the demand, a TOMBSTONE with the words “RIP” mysteriously appeared on the front steps of the property. The owners believe it was Noel’s doing and are considering it a death threat.


They’re now suing Noel for all sorts of reasons — including assault (because they believe harm is imminent) and want more than $75,000 for their troubles.


As for Noel, so far no comment from his camp — but according to the suit, he’s demanded his security deposit back.