Rick Carlisle, Jason Terry Disagree on the Mavs’ Softness

by March 10, 2011

Following their frustrating loss in New Orleans last night, Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle called his team “soft”, an accusation that Jason Terry did not take kindly. From ESPN: “Frustrated after watching his team bungle a 10-point advantage heading into the fourth quarter and then spit up a seven-point lead with 1:13 to go courtesy of multiple errors, Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle pulled no punches, and perhaps even dropped one on his club below the belt. ‘Soft,’ Carlisle said … ‘Yeah,’ the coach reiterated, ‘soft.’ ‘Who said that?’ Jason Terry said, scoffing at the accusation after he had an off night — rare for him of late — with 10 points. ‘I’m not soft, not me. I don’t know where that comes from, but we ain’t soft. We have to see how he meant soft in that aspect, but I know he wasn’t talking to me personally or any of my teammates because I don’t think none of these guys are soft.'”