Rick Carlisle Screamed at OJ Mayo During Halftime

by January 17, 2013

Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlisle told the media that he was pleased with OJ Mayo’s play last night (18 points, 8 assists, and 6 assists in leading the Mavs to a win over the visiting Houston Rockets.) It was inspired, Carlisle believes, by him having to yell at Mayo midway through the game. Per the Dallas Morning News: “When he signed with the Mavericks last summer, O.J. Mayo said he would give his game over the coach Rick Carlisle. At times this season, that has manifested in trips to Carlisle’s woodshed. Wednesday was one of those nights. After Dallas’ 105-100 victory over Houston, Carlisle was asked Mayo’s all-around performance, despite 3-of-14 shooting, was a sign that Mayo is learning to contribute in multiple ways. ‘It’ll be a bigger sign when I don’t have to scream at him at halftime about it,’ Carlisle said. Call it tough love. Carlisle went on and on about how thrilled he has been with Mayo’s recent play, starting with the Jan. 1 Washington game. Carlisle saw slippage Wednesday night. ‘I thought in the first half, he took some shots that were ill-advised, when he is becoming a very good play-maker and a very good all-around basketball player. I’m sorry, it’s beneath me to watch a guy continue to veer off from the path that’s best for him and our team.'”