Horry: ‘You Have to be a Robot’ to Succeed as a Spur

The San Antonio Spurs have produced the most wins of any franchise over the past 20 years.

But the Spurs’ system isn’t for everyone.

Just ask former Spurs Richard Jefferson and Robert Horry, who recently tackled the question of why established veterans like LaMarcus Aldridge don’t succeed in San Antonio.

Horry—who played his final five seasons in San Antonio—surmised that some players just don’t fit the Spurs’ rigid system (via reddit user u/BallGodd):

From the Road Trippin’ podcast:

Richard Jefferson: “Tony came through the system: great player; Manu came through the system: great player; Tim came through the system: great player.


“Myself: I struggled; Antonio McDyess: struggled; Michael Finley: struggled; LaMarcus Aldridge: struggling.” […]


Robert Horry: “I remember my first year there, I struggled. And it was funny, the San Antonio fans were like, ‘Oh, he’s a spy! Lakers sending him here for us to suck!’


“I’m like are you serious right now? I took less money just to get my rep back.


“And I told Michael Finley, I said Mike let me tell you something, In order for you to be successful, you gotta dumb your game down.


“He looked at me like, ‘What?’


“You have to be a robot because when you get to San Antonio they get A, B, C, D. If you try to go to A, B, E, they gon’ look at you like, ‘Woah, what you doing?’”

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