Rockets’ Pitch to Chris Bosh: ‘We Can Win a Championship’

by July 01, 2010

Houston wasted little time getting to the heart of the matter once they secured an audience with Bosh late last night. From the Chronicle: “Daryl Morey wanted his chance. And as soon as the starting gun went off, he got it. For much of the day, he was not sure he would get an audience with Chris Bosh. Now he can’t be sure if it will be enough. He met with Bosh late Wednesday into early Thursday in Dallas and got to make his case about why he believes Bosh can win championships in Houston. He did not know if the meeting would happen until well into the evening. He did not even know where Bosh was until then. Once they were together, however, he found Bosh to be interested and ready with questions that indicated he would definitely consider the option. There is the framework for a sign-and-trade deal with the Raptors in place. Morey likely will work next on how to reinforce his pitch. So far, he basically got just what he wanted, other than a done deal. ‘I’m happy we had the chance to meet with Chris to put our best foot forward and he could learn about the Rockets,’ Morey said. ‘It’s an important time for both teams and free agents. I’m glad he has the chance to consider what we have to offer. We think with Chris, we can win a championship in Houston.’ The problem, however, was that Bosh is not done. He has plenty of meetings to go, and there are many indications that the Bulls and Heat remain the teams to beat.”