Rod Thorn: We’re Not Trading Devin Harris

Stop fretting, Devin. You’re not going anywhere: “Been through it, done it, lived it. I remember how I got here,’ the Nets point guard said. ‘Have I heard it? Yes. Does it bother me? No. Will I talk to anyone (in management) about it?’ A pause. A laugh. Sounds like derision. ‘Nah.’ Too bad. Because all he had to do was walk across the gym Thursday and ask the only guy who is capable of putting the uninformed rumors to rest. ‘It’s very, very unlikely that we’d trade Devin. I never say never, but it’s very unlikely that he’s going to be traded,’ Nets president Rod Thorn said as he watched the start of practice at a health club in the city’s financial district. ‘I read the same things you do. There was one thing I saw the other day that was just wrong ­— about we were talking to Washington about trading Devin for Caron Butler? We never had one conversation with Washington about Caron Butler in five years — period. But you expect speculation, especially when you have a team that has a record like we do.’ That’s about as definitive as Thorn can get, because someone can make him an offer he can’t refuse at any time before the Feb. 18 deadline.”