Ron Artest: ‘I Can’t Really Understand the Triangle Offense’

by December 10, 2010

You get the feeling that Ron Artest is trying to act “extra-crazy” during this interview, but he does reveal one truth about himself: he has no idea what’s he doing offensively. From ESPN: “The shootaround is over, but, sure enough, Artest is shooting 3s. He’s hot. He’s making four out of every five. A very good 3-point shooter, he has hit about a third of them in his career, yet he rarely takes them in games now, and when he does, they always seem to be from the corner. ‘See, I can’t really understand the Triangle [offense],’ he admits. ‘There’s 1,000 plays in the Triangle. It’s such a challenge. I get so frustrated about it, I have to call my psychiatrist. So I just stay in my one spot in the corner. If I leave my spot, I get yelled at. Phil’s gonna say, ‘What are you doing over there?!?’ So I just don’t move.'”