Ron Artest Talks About Drinking, Fear Of Water

by August 01, 2010

Ron Artest graced the cover of this week’s ESPN The Magazine. In it he discusses a whole lot of things, none more interesting than, well, everything. Here are a few tidbits: “‘Alcohol was part of the problem. At 15 I started to get twisted, and at 16 I was getting lit up on a regular basis. By the time the Bulls drafted me, I’d drink in the house all day, then go play a game. But I stopped drinking heavily in Sacramento. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made the same mistakes if I hadn’t been drinking. Was I crazy, or was I not sober enough to have a clear mind? That’s the question.’

‘I’m much more mellow now. I can control myself on the court. If I get fouled, I say what I gotta say and move on. I don’t mind being punked anymore. If someone gets in my face, I just walk away. Against the Celtics in the Finals, Tony Allen got in my face, but I don’t got the time for Tony Allen. Now, if you’re a star and you’re talking trash, I’ll talk back. All series long, Paul Pierce was talking: ‘You’re a bum, you can’t score, you can’t guard me, I’m busting your ass.’ Everything.’

‘[I’m most at peace] at the beach. Man, give me a mango drink, some sand, that water, and it’s all good. I love running in the sand. But sometimes I’m scared as hell of water. Whenever I’m out there, I’m thinking, Damn, some tidal wave is about to come! Okay, so maybe I’m not totally at peace at the beach.'”