Ron Ron: “I partied hard as hell”

by August 17, 2010

by Lang Whitaker | @langwhitaker

Fanhouse’s Sam Amick sits with Ron Artest and takes the pulse of his summer. Lots of good stuff here, including when Sam asks Ron Ron about his post-championship hangover…

It’s been fun — a little too much fun. I partied hard as hell. I was gone. But the good thing is that I worked out (during that time). Last year at this time I was 270-something (pounds), and this year I’m 255, 258. I’m totally focused. Like this (cranberry and vodka drink in his hand) is probably my second drink in like a month, and usually in the summertime I get (his drinking) in. I get it in every night. But I’m going to come in at about 245, 240 this year, and get back to that Defensive Player of the Year weight.