Ruben Patterson Suing Former NFL Player Tim McGee

Ruben Patterson, the immortal nanny-stopper, wants his money back from Tim McGee over some business that went sour. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports: “Former Cincinnati Bengal Tim McGee is being sued by ex-University of Cincinnati basketball player Ruben Patterson, who claims McGee misled him in business deals and hasn’t repaid a loan. Patterson seeks from McGee repayment of $687,000 plus $1 million in punitive damages. ‘Ruben trusted Tim so much. (Patterson) was out of town a lot… so Ruben put a lot of faith in him,’ said Ed McTigue, Patterson’s attorney. McGee, a Mason resident and former Bengals wide receiver, called the allegations ‘frivolous.’ ‘I have built a reputation of integrity for the last 20-some-odd years… in Cincinnati,’ McGee countered, saying he was looking forward to defending that reputation at trial. Patterson, who played professional basketball for a decade and lives in Indian Hill, notes in the suit that he so trusted McGee that he hired him to serve as his agent. That included giving McGee a power of attorney and access to the bank account in which Patterson, who made millions, deposited his paychecks.”