Rule changes and Mr. 2K7

By Sam Rubenstein

I just saw the NBA rule changes went through. They’re fixing the playoff seeding so the Dallas-San Antonio debacle isn’t repeated. The second round was really the Conference Finals last year. Hopefully that won’t happen again. Also, they’re fixing the length of timeouts and the size of rosters.

Also, competent refs will be hired and the games will be called fairly with no bias going towards superstars. Yeah right.

2kIn more exciting news, guess who 2K sports has got to be the cover athlete of their upcoming College Basketball game? J.J. Redick. Now, normally this would be the time to make 10,000 Redick jokes, but I like this move. NBA 2K6 did the best job of getting the user to feel like he was actually controlling a jump shooter’s ability, with the shot stick, that I’ve come across. Maybe 2K7 will really go deeper into the jump shooting aspect of b-ball video games. They’ve got the right cover boy, and dunking in video games has already been done to death. When I play NBA Jams (which is never) I always use Chris Mullin and shoot threes the whole time.
Wow, this has been a hater-free J.J Redick post. I’m getting soft.