Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Want to Be Consulted on Thunder Trades

A few hours before the blockbuster Reggie Jackson trade to Detroit and the acquisition of Enes Kanter, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were clearly not pleased with Jackson’s desire to leave town.

(Jackson’s hilarious elation after joining the Pistons likely didn’t aid matters either.)

Once the deals were complete, Westbrook said he doesn’t want to get involved in the OKC Thunder’s front-office moves.

Per The Oklahoman:

And hours before general manager Sam Presti pulled the trigger, Russell Westbrook – one of the franchise’s two cornerstone – said he and Kevin Durant had no desire to be consulted on the decision.


“Not my job,” Westbrook said. “My job is to come out and play. We have a great general manager, great owner and great coach who have done a great job thus far putting this team together. So I’m pretty sure they know what’s best for us.”


When asked if Presti ever comes to them to gather their opinion, Westbrook reiterated his previous answer in the most Westbrook way possible. […] “I don’t want to repeat the same answer, so whatever I just said last time use it as that answer,” he said.