Russell Westbrook On Kevin Durant Saying The Two Are Still Cool: ‘I Haven’t Talked To Him’

The Oklahoma City Thunder held its media day yesterday and unsurprisingly, the players were peppered with questions about Kevin Durant‘s departure and the future of the team.

Earlier this month, Durant told reporters that he and Russell Westbrook are “still cool.” However, when Westbrook was asked if the two are in fact cool, Russ claimed he hadn’t spoken to the new Warrior:

Elsewhere around OKC’s media day, Westbrook’s teammates had nothing but good things to say about the face of the franchise. Enes Kanter was prompted about Westbrook becoming the leader of the team this season, but quickly responded that not much has changed.

Via ESPN‘s Royce Young:

Westbrook is the unquestioned leader now. Every player on the roster is fully aware of that and seems quite comfortable with it.


“He was our leader last year too,” Enes Kanter said, the shade involved very apparent.

New Thunder player Victor Oladipo also raved about working out with Westbrook over the summer:

“Before I started working out with Russ, I think I kind of went into workouts just working out,” said Oladipo, who spent a couple of weeks exercising with Westbrook in Los Angeles this summer. “And after being with Russ for a few weeks, I realized that there’s a purpose for everything that he does. There’s a purpose for every drill. There’s a purpose for every move. And I’ve learned that those moves can translate to the game, if, and only if, you let them translate.


“After working with Russ,” Oladipo said, “I can see the intensity in how serious he was about his craft.”