Russell Westbrook Reminds Kevin Garnett of Himself

by September 22, 2017

Kevin Garnett held a Q&A with fans Thursday afternoon, and was asked which current NBA player reminds him of himself.

KG replied that Russell Westbrook‘s relentless drive and take-no-prisoners approach to the game is something he can identify with.

Garnett says he is “in awe” of Westbrook.

Per reddit:

“Well when I watch Westbrook’s energy, it reminds me of the energy that I thought I played with ’til I saw him play [laughs].


“Westbrook’s energy is remarkable. When I watch it, I’m still in awe, but if I was to say that someone and how they approach the game, I approach the game very similar to how I see Russell approach the game.


“He doesn’t do a lot of handshakes, he’s very focused, he’s to himself, he does his own thing. I was pretty much a little bit like that.”