Samuel Dalembert Wants Out of Sacramento

by January 06, 2011

Sammy Dalembert wants out! Hello … anybody there? Anyone … ? From the Sac Bee: “Samuel Dalembert’s stay in Sacramento has been short and anything but sweet. The Kings center has been injured, frustrated about the style of play and, of late, more than mildly upset about his diminishing role. If he isn’t exactly demanding a trade, his agent, Marc Cornstein, is in town seeking clarification of his client’s role – and is more than a little receptive to a relocation. ‘They have to let me know which direction they want to go,’ Dalembert said. ‘They know what I do best. I block shots, rebound, get us in the fast break. Am I going to play the next five years in a place that is a contender, or am I going to be here, helping this team get better? It’s up to them. But I am not going to lie. This is very frustrating.'”