Scary wingspan

By Sam Rubenstein

Yesterday Ben Collins was in the building and apparently he was working hard on the first part of his mock draft. You can see it on the front page of the site, and it is thorough in the same way that Ron Artest is thorough. Excellent work young Collins. We are all over this NBA draft.

Last night I had a late night run-in with someone with more wingspan than anyone in this year’s draft. The bad news is that he was a waterbug and he’s dead now. That thing was the size of a small pigeon. I’m still a little freaked out. It took two hands to kill him and his invisible blood is on the wall staring at me.

Some NBA news of the day: Pre-draft rumormongering is annoying. Ainge is talking to McHale about KG. No he’s not. Okay, cool.

Forgive the pointlessness of this post. I’m going to work early because I have to leave early and drive to the land of 50 Cent – which is Connecticut. My girlfriend’s brother is sleeping in my “office” where I usually write my morning post, so I’m off my game and making excuses.

Congrats to Sammy Sosa on hitting number 600. The other day Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks randomly speculated that Juan Gone was using steroids in the past, and yet there is Sammy on his team now. Well done sir. I think he should be given an honorary NBA draft pick.

Don’t forget to enter our last pick of the first round contest. Someone already stole my guess by saying Big Baby, but his commenter name is Stringer Bell so I can forgive him.

I think that waterbug’s family saw what I did and is plotting revenge, watching me right now. Hiding. I’m not even putting this post in the NBA category.