Scott Brooks Saddened By the Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook Breakup

by December 01, 2016

Scott Brooks was back in OKC for the first time since his firing last year, and was asked about Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s icy breakup this past summer.

The former Thunder head coach says he doesn’t like the way the two superstars’ relationship deteriorated.

Brooks and the Washington Wizards fell 126-115 in overtime Wednesday night, and Westbrook recorded his fourth consecutive triple-double.

Per The Oklahoman:

Since Durant’s July 4 decision, he and Westbrook reportedly haven’t spoken. […] Brooks, who coached the pair for seven seasons, said he doesn’t like it.


“It doesn’t make me feel good,” Brooks said. “As a coach of the team … when you’re coaching a group of athletic, competitive-minded players, you’re gonna have arguments, you’re gonna have disagreements, but you have to be able to keep the group together. I thought the staff did a great job of doing that with a lot of people trying to separate them.


“I think that eventually they’re going to (talk) … I don’t think they have. I’ll trust you guys that you guys know they haven’t spoke(n), and maybe that’s probably dangerous on my part to trust you guys. But I don’t like to see that. They did so many wonderful things together and they should be proud of that and not be focused on not winning the championship. A lot of things happen in order to win one and (I’m) fortunate we were there and able to (try to) win one.”

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