Scott Brooks Upset With GMs Dissing John Wall’s Passing Skills

by October 19, 2016

For the seventh year in a row, general managers surveyed around the NBA don’t seem to think all that highly of John Wall’s passing ability, and his head coach is none too pleased.

Scott Brooks came to the All-Star point guard’s defense Tuesday, saying that Wall is one of the very best passers in the L.

Brooks thinks polling results would be different if coaches were the ones being queried.

Per the WaPo:

Brooks: “That’s why I don’t read it. I mean, that doesn’t even make sense. He’s been one of the best passers in basketball from day one and for him not being on it — it’s ridiculous. They should probably just have a survey of coaches.”


Not just GMs? But see, that’s the question. You’ve always had respect for him and you’ve told us (reporters) since you’ve been here, but why do you think he’s not highly regarded outside of Washington?


Brooks: “I don’t know…. (takes a long pause) A poll of 30 doesn’t make it unanimous. It’s 30 people. You would think that most of them would have common sense that you would say John would be one of the best passers. He leads the league in assists every year or (he’s one of) the league leaders in assists every year. He’s a pass-first point guard. That (slight) doesn’t bother me. I’ve been around John just this summer and the fall, I don’t think that bothers him. And it shouldn’t because he knows he has the respect from every player in this league and all the coaches in this league.”

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