Scottie Pippen: Jimmy Butler Had Leadership Problems with the Bulls

Adding to the claims that Jimmy Butler was “a bad locker room guy,” Scottie Pippen said that Butler had leadership issues in Chicago.

While guesting on ESPN’s The Jump, Pippen claimed that Butler disrespected Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg and an assistant coach, which ultimately turned the organization against him.

Pippen: “In Chicago, he didn’t handle it very well and I think it really turned the organization—”


Why do you think he didn’t handle it very well?


Pippen: “I don’t think he handled it right from a leadership standpoint of what it takes to be a superstar.”


What are the specifics that people are staying he wasn’t good in the locker room?


Pippen: “Well, it’s just a lot of locker room talk that Jimmy was disrespecting the head coach, disrespecting the assistant coach. Just wasn’t showing the type of leadership that you’d expect from your best player.”

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