Scottie Pippen Questions LeBron, 72 Wins

by August 16, 2010

First off, congrats to Scottie on making the Hall of Fame! On to business…While in Springfield, Mass, for the HOF ceremonies, Pippen commented on LeBron’s Decision and on JVG’s assertion that the Heat will win more than 72 games. CSNChicago has the full 411: “Pippen, regarded as perhaps the top individual defender in basketball history, also shared his thoughts on the hottest topic of the NBA offseason, LeBron James’ ‘decision’ to sign with the Miami Heat in free agency. ‘You know what? The way it went down, it was a little bit classless,’ said Pippen, not exactly a stranger to controversy himself during his playing days. ‘He’s a great player and we all love him as a player, but you don’t change spots by going on TV and announcing where you’re going as a free agent. I think that really hurt him a little bit, but it’s over and it’s history.’ Pippen continued: ‘LeBron’s decision was a great one. He was a free agent and he had the right to decide where he wanted to go, when he wanted to go there and I have no bones about it. I think it was a great decision, I think it was well thought-out by him obviously. We can now sit back and see if they can make it fruitful.’

“While he’ll be keeping an eye on the Heat this season, Pippen responded to ESPN analyst—and former Knicks coach—Jeff Van Gundy’s assertion that Miami could challenge Chicago’s 1995-96 regular-season record of 72 wins in no uncertain terms. ‘I don’t want to elaborate on what Jeff Van Gundy said really. I mean, who is he to say that they’re going to break the record? I mean, he coached numerous years and he hasn’t been able to break it so—it’s a wait-and-see process. I think those guys’ biggest goal is to try and win a championship and not win 72 games in a season,’ stated Pippen. ‘But if Jeff Van Gundy wants to take a bet, I will bet him that they won’t break it. You can put a lot of great players together, but it’s about building chemistry. There’s been a lot of great teams put together, but that doesn’t really seal the deal. I mean, me personally, I think that Boston is still probably the best team in the East. Miami has to prove themselves.'”