Sebastian Telfair Wants to Play for the Dallas Mavericks

Free agent Sebastian Telfair is tired of watching the NBA Playoffs on television, and would like to start participating in the postseason. Bassy tells CBS Sports that he wants to play for a championship contender: “Telfair just concluded his seventh NBA season, has yet to make a single playoff appearance and has only played in more than 60 games once in the last four years. A free agent, Telfair hopes all that changes next season. ‘I sure do have a list of teams in my mind,’ Telfair said. ‘Those teams being one of the teams to make a run for a championship or the teams that are fighting every year for a championship. Seeing Dallas win a championship, congratulations to them, but I’m jealous. I’m extremely jealous. Dallas is definitely on my list. They’ve got the gold right now. It’s not a bad thing in this league to want to go where the gold is. If you can compete and help the team win a championship, that’s one of the main focuses in the NBA.’ Aside from the Mavericks, Telfair clammed up a little bit as to who was on his radar. ‘The obvious teams,’ he finally allowed. ‘I won’t say any teams in particular, but the obvious teams.’ Asked what he would bring to a championship contender at this stage of his career, Telfair didn’t hesitate or elaborate: ‘I bring myself. I bring Sebastian Telfair.'”