Shaq Avenges Himself; Amundson Bleeds

by April 16, 2009

I expected nothing less (video here; pics of the damage can be seen here): “But once Wednesday’s film-room session ended, O’Neal and teammates tried to pin down Amundson to a chair as O’Neal broke out hair clippers. All O’Neal got was a chunk of Amundson’s ponytail but did manage to shave off half of Amundson’s left eyebrow, leaving him scraped up from the fray. ‘I wasn’t trying to let him cut my hair off,’ Amundson said. ‘I was fighting pretty hard. At the end, he kind of gave up.’ But Amundson was sure O’Neal wasn’t done, peering both ways out of each doorway thinking that O’Neal had more in store. ‘I was really worried last night,’ Amundson said after his stunt was captured on video by and shown on ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ on Tuesday night. ‘I was sick, like, I was physically sick. I never intended for it to get this much publicity. I was pretty scared.'”