Shaq on Steph

By Sam Rubenstein

Shaq in ChinaInteresting. Verrrrrrry interesting. Shaq was speaking to the media yesterday, and some of that was on Sportsnet NY. NY Newsday was all over the NY-centric part of what he said, which provided quotes like these:
“If you say you’re the best point guard in the world, now you have to come out and show that every night.”

“If they know and understood that Larry Brown’s been there – two years in a row – if you listen to a man like that, then he can take you to the next level,”

“It wasn’t until I met Phil [Jackson], and put my ego aside, and listened to what he had to say and understood it,” O’Neal said. “So I think if those guys would have listened and had paid attention and understood, then they would have been better off.”

So, there you have it.