Shaq, Still Looking for an NBA Job

O’Neal has no doubt about his place in the game’s history (and rightly so), but in today’s game, that is still up for debate. From the Toronto Sun: “The NBA’s largest free-agent pool in history has all but dried up, leaving a handful of well-known names searching for homes. None is bigger than Shaquille O’Neal, who still thinks he can demand more than the veterans minimum of $1.3 milliShaquille O’Neal, Free Agencyon US a season. The Diesel has been linked with Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Miami and San Antonio, but has no contract. O’Neal is trying to extract two years and roughly $10 million, which can only be achieved if Cleveland helps Shaq in a sign and trade, which isn’t likely. ‘The biggest thing that will define my legacy is how I’ve done it, and what I’ve done, and who I am,’ O’Neal said as he awaits a suitor willing to match his demands. ‘I’m a weird big guy. Doing rapping, doing movies. Do a lot of stuff. But always do things the right way. Changed three different franchises around (Orlando, L.A. Lakers and Miami). This is a guy who they (league officials) would have secret meetings about to change the rules. So, that’s going to be my legacy: The most dominant player ever.’ But a player without a home, but one who, at the right price, can still be very serviceable on a championship-calibre team.”