Shaquille O’Neal and His 3 ‘Lucky’ Rings

by September 30, 2010

Shaq raps with the Boston Globe, telling them that a lot of luck played into 3 of the 4 titles he’s won in his career: “Shaquille O’Neal is a four-time NBA champion and one of the greatest centers to play the game, and he fully understands that it takes good fortune as well as talent to win championships. So he had no hesitation Wednesday in saying three of his six title appearances were a byproduct of ‘lucky’ plays. ‘I got four rings but I’d be the first to tell you that three of them are lucky,’ he said after the Celtics’ second training camp practice. ‘Derek Fisher’s 0.4 shot, Robert Horry Vlade Divac slap back and those guys don’t hit those shots then I’m not in the Finals. And Gary Payton’s baseline jumper against Dallas. So you have to have a lot of luck. I got four rings and three of them are lucky.'”