Shaquille O’Neal Learning How to Direct Movies

Shaq won’t be content in retirement from the NBA just trading barbs with Charles Barkley on the TNT set. The big fella is enrolled at the NY Film Academy, learning to become a director. TMZ reports (and has grainy footage of O’Neal goofing off on set): “Shaquille O’Neal is giving the movie biz another shot — yes, even after ‘Kazaam’ and ‘Steel’ — and this time he wants to be a director! Shaq is about to complete the Filmmaking Conservatory at the New York Film Academy’s branch at Universal Studios Hollywood. Shaq’s been very hands-on during directing and cinematography classes — walking his crew through stunts … and shooting on the studio’s famous back lot. According to the school, Shaq has been ‘incredibly humble, funny, and likable'”