Shaquille O’Neal to Play in Game 4?

by April 21, 2011

Doc Rivers won’t have the big fella in Game 3, but hints that O’Neal may suit up on Sunday. The Boston Herald reports: “Doc Rivers said [Wednesday] that the team’s medical staff has noticed some improvement in Shaq’s response to a strained right calf muscle and Achilles tendon. ‘He’s going to try to go tomorrow. I just don’t see it,’ Rivers said of a scheduled Shaq workout for tomorrow before the team boards its early afternoon charter flight. ‘I’m just going to be a real doctor right now and say I doubt it. But he is going to try to do some things tomorrow and we’ll see. He’s had some improvement but I don’t know how much,’ said Rivers. ‘I just go by what Eddie (trainer Lacerte) and (Dr. Brian) McKeon tell me. They said he’s had some improvement so I’ll relay that onto you guys. I’m not sure yet if he makes the trip. It depends on what’s best. If you see him on a trip that means he’s really close. That means we think he’ll play Sunday.'”