Shaquille O’Neal, TV Analyst, Already Dissing Chris Bosh

It didn’t take long for Shaq to throw a jab at one of his favorite whipping boys in the NBA, as he said during the schedule release show on NBATV that the Miami Heat only have a “Big 2”. From the AP: “Shaquille O’Neal’s debut as a full-fledged NBA analyst had him raving about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. As for Chris Bosh? Apparently, Shaq’s not a big fan of his work. During NBA TV’s show Tuesday to announce the league’s schedule for the 2011-12 season — one jeopardized by a lockout — O’Neal referred to the Heat as having a ‘Big 2.’ Since Bosh, Wade and James teamed up in Miami, they’ve been called the ‘Big 3’ in many circles. ‘The Miami Heat, they’ve got a lot of great players, the ‘Big 2.’ They will be back,’ O’Neal said from Louisiana during the broadcast, when discussing the NBA finals and how Dallas was able to beat Miami for the title. ‘LeBron James is taking a lot of criticism, but I know LeBron very well. He hears everything that everyone is saying, so I think he’s going to come back and have an MVP year this year.'”